Everyday classes begin at 8.30 a.m. and end at 3.40 p.m. The kids are introduced to Communicative English exercise daily with hardwiring coaching in the evening. Three days in a week prayer assemblies are conducted by classes in turn based on a given theme to show case the creativity and talents of the students and meditation at the end of assembly every day. The lunch break for 40 minutes is given and all the students have to bring their lunch because no one is permitted to out of school once they enter.

Admission 2022-2023 Notice

Principal Desk

The aims and objectives of education must be a real one that makes  its every child to be unique in nature.

 It must create in a child enthusiasm that inspires the child to learn more for life. When we go into the core of life style of the society today, often we get a different picture altogether about education.

Extra Education Facilities

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