Optional Facilities :

Special coaching facilities are available for Computer Science, Music & Dance, Electronics on payment of prescribed monthly fees.

Club :

Eco club, Young Scientist’s Forum, Language clubs, Adventure club, Social Work club, Quiz club, Maths club, computer club, Fine arts club and Karate club are other optional opportunities provided to students.

School Timing :

Everyday classes begin at 8.30 am to 9.10 am Handwriting practice,Spoken English,Meditation and assembly.The class end at 3.45 pm.Three days in a week prayer assemblies are conducted by classes in turn based on a given theme to show case the creativity and talents of the students.

Sports :

The school promotes and encourages the students to develop their sportive skills in various disciplines. Special training in games like Football, KhoKho, Shuttle, and track and field events are given under the guidance of the Physical Education Teachers and Coaches. There is also a well equipped Kids Park for the little ones.

Transportation :

The school plies seven buses with experienced drivers and conductors providing safe and comfortable transportation to the students along with teachers taking care of safety travel mode to every child who avails transport facilities. As per the need the buses may take two trips with short distance dropping the KG kids in the first trip.

Field & Educational Trips:

Students are taken for field trips to places of historical, environmental, scientific and social significance. These field trips and picnics / educational tours foster learning beyond the classroom through experience.


Principal Desk

The aims and objectives of education must be a real one that makes every child to be unique in nature.

It must create in a child enthusiasm that inspires the child to learn more for life. When we go into the core of life style of the society today, often we get a different picture altogether about education.

Extra Education Facilities

School Overview