St. LOUIS MARIE GRIGNION De MONTFORT, the founder of the Montfort Brothers of St.Gabriel, was a great visionary who lived in France during the 17th & 18th centuries. He used education as a tool to improve the life of the masses. To continue this noble mission, in 1705 he founded the Religious Congregation of the Brothers of St. Gabriel. In 1903, three Missionary Brothers from France came to India and began the Montfortian Education Mission. Their zeal, hard work and commitment bore much fruit. Today there are about 600 committed Montfort Brothers spread all over the country serving in more than 175 educational institutions and Social Action Centres throughout India. Montfort brothers serve in 35 countries abroad.  

History :

The Mission Inspired through St.Montfort, he added an amazing will of God to extend the vision of Brothers of St .Gabriel by planting a new institution in Theresapuram, Sriperumbudur, under the Province of Trichy, headed by the council of Rev. Bro. Mariannan, then provincial superior. The hard work and struggle to mount up our monument was made by Rev. Bro. Johnson, the project Director. The incredible plan of God made Montfort school, as another hand in service of this global educational mission.

The happiest memory in the diary of Montfort is the year 2016, which writes about the delightful experience of the people of this industrial hub, signing up their kids in Montfort school during the month of May. The confidence of Montfort gathered the initial trust of the people around to submit their dreams under the care of Brothers of St. Gabriel.

The School is Affiliated to CBSE – New Delhi (Affiliation 1931064) and Recognized by the State Govt, of Tamilnadu, (Recognition Number: 001-12-S-0060-0319) of Education department with Co-education. It’s indeed our proud privilege in the history to record Rev.Dr.Bro.AntonySamy.Ph.D. Our pioneer Principal, Montfort School, a fortunate master piece as well, for having been the architecture of our educational style assisted by Rev.Bro.Nixon and Rev.Bro.Alwin Jose, Abide by his lofty ideals and goals the most beautiful page of Montfort in 2016-2017 is the Initial appointment of 15 well qualified and experienced faculties along with 165 students enrolled in the classes from LKG to Grade V

The showers of Blessings bequeathed a ceaseless care in enlarging our infrastructures year by year from 2016, promoting the updated facilities our systematic art of schooling raised up our strength to 1077, to add more beauty 75 teaching and non-teaching faculties pledged to their commitment for the upright task of teaching in the year 2023-24. The Continued support for this colossal mechanism was banded over from Trichy province to the province of Bengaluru.

Montfort aids as a nerve in bridging the human society with our goals to create students as best as ever sketching the nation with the colours of human values. Montfortian student are sure to have fullness’ in life and be a valuable citizen to the country, a faithful loving person to his family and friends, moreover a gratified human being, thereby released as the richest legacy of our palace as a gift to the world, to make this entire earth, a holy land!

IN GOD WE TRUST… by faith we move on!

A Miracle is our mission in Montfort…